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Squeaky Wheel
Squeaky Wheel
About Squeaky


Traditional Public Relations
Squeakywheel Promotions has a unique and irreverent approach to cutting through the daily clutter. Like the eponymous “squeaky wheel” that gets the grease, we use our edgy mix of determination, assertiveness and creativity to create campaigns that get our clients “noticed.”

Our formula for success

We work with our clients to help define and maintain strong brand identity; this allows us to create custom tailored press strategies which are then brought to appropriate media as credible, original and irresistible stories.

Brand Identity + Custom Press Strategy + Client Input = Successful Story Placement

Non-Traditional Approach
In this day of everchanging media options, emerging platforms and inexhaustive methods of obtaining information, simply sending out press releases and pitching stories to media is not enough to “get you noticed!” 

Squeakywheel  has an uncanny ability to identify appropriate promotional opportunities that help further brand awareness.  We are constantly seeking and discovery unique opportunities for product launches, B-to-B cross promotions, event marketing,  trade show opportunities, product placement , celebrity gifting as well as good old fashioned word of mouth, all resulting in greater brand awareness.

Brand Identity + Promotional Opportunities + Client Input = Greater Brand Awareness

Team Squeaky's Don Klein's ad campaigns, from "Orange Juice Isn't Just For Breakfast Anymore" to Duracell's famous pink bunny rabbit, have become pop culture icons. Moreover, they sell products.